Airfix golden hind instructions

By Robert TaylorApril 16, in - Kit build logs for subjects built from - A wee up date on how my Airfix Golden Hind is progressing. Everything on hold just now as still waiting on Rigging blocks being delivered. Progress on my Airfix Golden Hind.

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Any relevant info would be welcome. Finally finished Drake and the Golden Hind sailing off into the Sunset and home after circumnavigating the the Globe.

Job well done - especially on the sails! Excellent job! Did you sew the sails yourself or are they commercially available after-market products? This set of Sails I actually bought separately, albeit they are expensive, about the same price as the kit itself.

airfix golden hind instructions

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Final video from my golden hind

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airfix golden hind instructions

The pages of the Journal are full of articles by accomplished ship modelers who show you how they create those exquisite details on their models, and by maritime historians who show you the correct details to build. The Journal is available in both print and digital editions.

Go to the NRG web site www. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Robert Taylor Posted April 16, Posted April 16, More in long description.

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Airfix 0.

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Amati S. HiSModel 0. IMAI Kagaku 0. RB Model 0. Capstan Price incl. Pumpe easy, metal, 13mm. Pumpe wooden, easy, 15mm. Golden Hind. Select from variants.Quick Links Download this manual. The year of was one of. King Philip and England was growing. Drake, was contributing to this unrest. The supervision of the project was entrustedto. Among the most important members of the crews were map and chart. To complete the ruse, the British govemment requested permission for a trade-visit to.

America and into the Pacific. Spanish shipping and settlements. The hold of the "Golden Hind" grew fat with jewels. Drake was.

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Although the confiscation of. Drake's own crew, were priceless to the British govemment for. Spanish ship "Casafugo. Francis Drake and his "pirates" did not restrict their. It was not long before the Spanish. Spanish prestige. Realizing his. Drake could not risk retuming to England by the. He elected to head north and perhaps discover the long sus.I am too comfused because I allready fished the heller's golden hind and I realized that it might be wrong.

This looks more a small elizabethan galleon, and I think that the airfix model is more real. Its really a very bad feeling when you see that you builting a ship than has nothing to do with the real. I've been working recently on an old Revell Golden Hind which, as I understand it, is identical to the Heller kitand I've done some digging among the literature about Drake and his voyage around the world.

Putin's question. The nearest thing we have to really firm data seems to be a set of dimensions for a shed in which the ship was supposed to be housed after she got back to England. She might have become the world's first indoor museum ship, but the plan for building the shed fell through.

The most lengthy near-contemporary account is a book called The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake, which appeared some years later; nobody's sure who wrote it, though modern scholars seem to think Drake himself supervised or edited the publication.

airfix golden hind instructions

There seem to be no reliable contemporary pictures of the Golden Hind. A couple of eye-witness accounts do mention her armament, but they contradict each other. It's well known that her original name was Pelican. One contemporary account, by the expedition's chaplain, says Drake held a ceremony, shortly before passing through the Strait of Magellan, in which he renamed the ship Golden Hind. The chaplain's manuscript seems to have been heavily edited before it was published the original manuscript has been lostand no other contemporary source mentions the name change.

The evidence on that point seems fairly weighty - though by no means definitive. I do wish the kit manufacturers would be a bit more forthcoming in explaining their research, but it's pretty clear that the Revell kit relies heavily on the "Matthew Baker Manuscripts" at Oxford University.

I think Revell may also have worked from a set of reconstructed plans drawn by an Italian author named Franco Gay, but I'm not at all sure about that. The Baker manuscript is the most reliable source we have on English ship construction during the Elizabethan era - but scholars freely admit they aren't sure how accurate, or representative, the pictures in that collection are.

All of them seem to show ships considerably bigger than the Golden Hind. Is it reasonable to infer that a ship like her would have similar lines and proportions? The Revell kit seems to be based on that assumption, but nobody really knows.

I haven't seen the Airfix kit outside the box. I have the general impression that it represents a somewhat bigger vessel than the Revell version, but I may well be mistaken about that.

In one of those pictures there are red crosses painted on the sails; that strikes me as extremely unlikely for an English ship of the period. I've seen vague references to Drake's having disguised the ship to look Spanish, but I don't think there's any contemporary documentation to support that idea. I think the replica has been used in the making of some movies; perhaps the crosses were painted on the sails for a movie company. I would not, however, argue with anybody who came up with a significantly different interpretation.

In any case, as a styrene ship model the kit is, in terms of detail, one of the best I've ever encountered. It certainly deserves to be taken seriously as a scale model. I certainly don't think anybody who's built it needs to make any apologies for it.

This wouldn't be the first time a ship has varied from the norm, "Phantom" rigs her shrouds in a manner completely removed from the practice of the period. I haven't been able to find any indication that she eyed her shrouds over the head of the mast, instead of the way the plans show, and I have it on excellent authority that the plans are correct.

I would have a tendancy to agree with jtilley that, in the abscense of documented fact, the practice of the period would be the acceptable way to go.A splendid piece of work, brings back memories of a very badly assembled version I did back when I was ten. Well this challenge did work well, my compliments! You dane a great job in this small scale. Love the figures, great choice of colors.

airfix golden hind instructions

Great looking Golden Hind! Definitely worth all the extra effort!


Best Iain. Utterly amazing! I had that kit many years ago but if I had the skill and patience you have, it would be on my mantlepiece! Thanks ray :- Sotherbys have started the bidding at.

REVELL Golden Hind Assebly Instructions

Wonderful work and All of us should build at least one sailing ship in our lives. Thanks :- This is, for me, ship no 5 and before the first one I never thought I would build a ship but I totally agree. Staggering job Paul, looks amazing in the photos, especially like the idea of doing a waterline conversion. I cut another 1. What a wonderful Ship! The perfect example of what I'm unable to do I'm impressed I think you have enough skill to create something similar. I may have my eye on one or two A beautiful job!

I always enjoy the descriptions of your building process. Herkybird is correct, it is a kit deserving to be on the mantlepiece. Thanks Paul :- As far as i can I try to include the process. Having a set of pics of a finished model are ok but I feel the process of how did it come to be like it is should be shown. It's nice to see old Airfix kits like this can come out looking so good with due care and attention.

I've been making a series of their 54mm Napoleonic figures.

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Very old, but can come out looking pretty good with some extra effort. But your boat? Literally and figuratively, on a different scale! Congratulations on a job very well done. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely stunning. Shows that old Airfix can still polish up well after a bit of TLC. Of course, having a phobia of model sailing ships, I would only admire it from afar!I built this kit in my earlier years and just loved it. It is out of print now, but it is readily available and not terribly expensive.

The kit is very impressive both in its detail and excellent assembly instructions. The bright color scheme is molded in relief in the plastic easing painting and the rigging instructions are top notch.

Even if you don't know a lanteen from a sprit sail, there are easy to follow details that build up to a convincing rigging scheme. If you are into ships of this era or just want to get a feel for sailing ship building, read on.

The Kit The molding on this kit is very crisp, and there are a significant number of details provided in a kit of this age and scale. Judging from the five crew members provided, the kit scales roughly out to around HO scale. There is no flash, and only a few ejector pin marks, or sink marks on visible surfaces.

There are some mold separation marks to deal with throughout, but they clean up easily. Parts are molded in hard brown styrene. Two types of rigging thread are provided and a nice large sheet of Vac sails is provided. I chose not to use them. There is one sheet of decals still good and a sheet of flags.

Golden Hind

A six page double sided booklet contains a nice history and thorough directions. Prep and Painting Painting and rigging make or break a kit like this. I went through the instructions and painted most parts in their base colors while they were on the sprue. I used light earth brown for the hull and Testors wood for the decking. I planned to add a dark brown wash over everything and dry brushed highlights later. I then masked the hull and sprayed the lower part and upper painted works flat white.

There is no distinct waterline molded in, so take care in establishing one. Once dry I then hand painted the extensive color motif on the upper hull. I used the kit suggested scheme though I have never seen two paintings or kits with the same pattern.

Using a fine round brush I first applied the dark gloss blue on the lower banding and upper diamonds. I then applied the reds as indicated.

Again there are clear demarcations molded into the plastic. I know you are probably think this is daunting but just take it in sections. It is great therapy! I finished up with the gloss gold details and then a few spots of black.Use a reusable water bottle or a glass jar and fill it at the tap. Ditch zip-top bags and plastic wrap for packing up leftovers and use reusable glass containers instead.

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